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Closing on a home is an undeniably stressful experience. Trying to move on the same day you close just adds to the stress unless you prepare.

Get Moving

A very high percentage of people move on the day they complete the purchase of their new home. They’ve just come through an experience that can be very tense, yet they pitch into an activity that’s very tiring and requires a gazillion decisions to be made. It would be helpful if the move could take place the next day. Everyone in the family should be prepared for the time line in advance.

Allot enough time for packing. Allow more time than you think you’ll need. Be sure each family member has a few special possessions with them and not among the things handled by the movers. Yup, Linus had his blanket and most of us have the equivalent.

The year I was fifteen, my family moved for the sixteenth time. My mother was very good at setting up a household in a new location with a minimum of fuss. She always carried a set of sheets and blankets for each bed with her. (All containers were marked with the name of the room they were destined for.)

The first order of business was to set up each family member’s bed and make it. It was reassuring to know your bed was ready for you when you had exhausted yourself. The second place Mother focused on was the kitchen. Getting that organized and ready to function was a high priority.

I highly recommend Mother’s plan if you’re moving. It will give you some feeling of order and that can mean a lot on a stressful day. I’ve seen it successfully implemented many times.

That’s about it. Recognize you’re tackling a tough, big, exciting change. Discuss it with your family. Take your time. Have a plan. Keep your cool. You just purchased a home so be happy!

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