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When It Comes To Installing Mini Blinds, Do It Yourself

Measuring The first thing to do, is to determine the position of the mini blinds, deciding if they will be inside or outside of the window.  Inside mounting will look more customized, although outside mounting will provide better control of lighting.

For inside frame mounting, measure the width between the points where the brackets will be placed; top, middle, and bottom.  Record the narrowest of the measurements you receive.  Now, measure the length from the top inside casing of the windowsill.  At least 1 inch of flat surface will be needed on the inside casing in order to attach the brackets.

For outside frame mounting, you’ll need to measure the overall width of the area to be covered.  Hang your mini blinds outside of the frame if there is less than 1″ of flat surface on the inside casing. The measurement should overlap the window by at least 1 1/2″ on each side. 


 1.  Determine if you want inside or outside mounting, and measure your window accordingly.  2.  After you have purchased the correct size of mini blinds, remove the window stop from the top of the window on the window casing.  3.  Screw the brackets that came with your blinds to the side window casing at the top, using either two or three screws per bracket.  4.  With the wand on the left and the lift cord on the right, slide the mini blinds into the brackets you just installed.  5.  Once you have the mini blinds in place, secure the caps over the brackets.  6.  If the blinds are too long, remove the slats from the bottom of them, as this should help to get them to the appropriate height.


Helpful Home Tips When It Comes To Carpet, Installing Carpet

A majority of how your interior looks and feels will depend on your floors.  Houses that have carpet give off an undeniable warmth, vibrancy, and an aesthetic appeal.  There is a wide range of colors, textures, materials, and designs available that can transform your home and give every room a chance to be unique.  Your carpet installation has a long-term perspective, so it’s important that you select the best one for your needs and install it right the first time.

Once you have picked out your material and design, you’ll need to it install it.  Professional carpet installers can do the job for you, or you can choose to do it yourself.  Even though doing it yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional, it isn’t recommended if you don’t have the right tools, lack time, or have no experience.

A great way to ensure a professional installation of your carpet is to buy from an authorized carpet retailer or dealer.  Most of the time, your carpet retailer will have an installation staff that is very experienced with installing carpet.

If the retailer doesn’t offer an installation service, they can still guide you to a reputable and experienced installer.  Even though installation by a retailer is a bit more expensive, it offers several advantages.  The experience will show in their work and you’ll come out better in the long run.  You can also approach them if you aren’t satisfied with anything they have done.

However, if you are looking for low-budget carpet installation services, you’ll also have the option of hiring independent contractors, architects, builders, or interior designers.  You should always remember to get their references and inquire about their experience, where they received their training, and any certification they may have.

You can also visit homes that the installer has previously worked on, as this will give you an idea of their work before you hire them.  If it isn’t possible, you should at least make it a point to see some pictures of their work.

Even though private contractors may offer a lower rate for carpet installation than your retailer, the services of post installation may be very poor.  If you encounter a problem, you’ll find that your options are limited.  No matter what happens, if you choose an independent carpet installer, you should always make sure that the installer follows the standard for installation of residential carpet CRI 105.

Choosing the right installer for your carpet will entirely depend on your specific needs.  If you like to change your carpet type every few years, you may be better off to choose an independent carpet installer.  If you want carpet that will last for a long time, you should get a follow-up from a retailer, as this will ensure that you have a trouble-free experience with installation.

No matter who you choose, you should ensure prior to installation the carpet is power stretched so wrinkling and rippling will be minimized. It is also important that your rooms are measured before laying any of them and the sub floor has been cleaned. 

You should also vacuum the old carpet good before it is removed, to help eliminate dust.  Once the new carpet is down, the edges should be trimmed and sealed with hardwood.  You should always inspect the carpet, and make sure that nothing looks out of the ordinary and that everything pleases you before you finish the deal.

You should always keep in mind that no matter how expensive or exotic your carpets may be, it is the installation process that makes or breaks the look of your home.  Therefore, it pays off to invest a bit of time, money, and effort when you choose the right installer for your carpet.

Vacation Time, Resorts For All Occasions And People

A luxurious beach resort in Barbados, the Sandy Lane resort is a paradise for honeymooners.  Offering a combination of privacy, numerous activities, and first class service, the resort is located on the west coast of the island of Barbados.  Sandy Lane also offers three golf courses and a 47,000 square foot spa.  The resort also offers a white sand beach and the Caribbean Sea.

The island of Barbados offers tropical climate with year round temperatures that stay between 75 and 85 degrees.  The non stop flights to Barbados take around 4.5 hours from New York City, making the island one of the best beach vacation spots from the East Coast.

The country club at Sandy Lane Resort is a golfers’ paradise.  The resort spa, fronted by a waterfall and swimming pool, offers guests a combination of relaxing and healing therapies from the Far East, Caribbean, and even Europe.  For the ultimate in spa indulgence you should try one of the nine VIP treatment suites with a private landscaped garden and three hydrotherapy pools.

The 112 resort rooms are both luxurious and very spacious, with each one offering a plasma television and high-speed internet access.  The hotel also provides 24 hour room service, and maid cleaning service twice a day.

If you plan to go on a family vacation, the resort offers the Tree House Club, which is a special facility designed for children 3 – 12.  Kids here can experience exciting thrills, such as swimming with turtles and easter egg hunts.  The resort will also offer you and your family a number of exciting water sports, tennis, and even shopping.

The signature restaurant, L’Acajou, serves French cuisine that features fresh island seafood and other local treats.  The restaurant also offers you an open air setting on the waterfront, that offers you breathtaking panoramic views.

Looking For Commercial Properties? Leasing a Storefront, Commercial Real Estate

A storefront is a business that has visibility from the street.  Storefront properties are generally leased by those selling items to the public.  Some storefronts are used for restaurants or even business offices.  Leasing a storefront can bring the commercial real estate investor good, steady income. 

In many cases, a commercial real estate investor will look for storefronts that need construction improvement.  In other cases, old homes in “downtown” areas of different communities are being made into storefronts.  Whether you are improving an existing storefront or turning a or other property into a storefront, it is best to have a qualified renter prior to purchasing the storefront property. 

It will be your responsibility, when leasing a storefront, to make sure that the property complies with all local ordinances.  This will relate specifically to advertising, lighting and signs.  If the storefront is a solitary structure, you will also have to ensure that the driveway and parking areas are cleared for customers.  

Storefront businesses are popular in all parts of the country, especially in cities.  Businesses that sell retail prefer leasing a storefront as it gives them more visibility for the public.  Storefront windows can exhibit the goods in the store to their advantage.  Storefront windows can also exhibit signs and have lettering on the windows, allowing a business drive by advertising.  

One way to get a storefront is to purchase property in part of town that is changing from residential to business zoning.  This happens in many areas where they are trying to make a historic area a shopping area in town.  Old homes are converted from residential buildings to commercial real estate store fronts.  A commercial real estate investor who wants to make a profit leasing a storefront can do well by purchasing such a property and converting. 

To convert an old home into a storefront business you will first have to apply for a zoning change.  If most of the other property is being zoned for business use, you should have no problem as long as the municipality approves your proposed usage of the property.  

Prior to investing in commercial real estate, especially if you are endeavoring to engage in leasing a storefront, get a title search of the property and learn the covenants, restrictions and conditions that pertain to the property.  These can range from all stores have to have a green roof to no restaurants that sell tacos.  You have to make sure that you know if your business will be prohibited by any existing covenants or restrictions recorded on the property.  

Leasing a storefront can be an ideal way to earn a profit when investing in commercial real estate.  Because storefronts are usually easy to lease to businesses because of their visibility, they are rarely vacant when in prospering areas.  As is the case with all commercial real estate investments,  location has everything to do with the success of the business.  Make sure your storefront is in a good location and has a steady traffic flow in order to make this commercial real estate investment work for you.

Vcation Time, Enjoying Other Places Like The Kona Village Resort In Hawaii

The amazing and relaxing Kona Village Resort is located on the western coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Offering you breathtaking views and plenty of things to do, the Kona Village Resort is a beach vacation come true.

If you are planning to relax, unwind from the pressures of life, and get closer to nature, Kona Village Resort is the ideal place to go.  This vacation resort caters to couples seeking romance as well as families looking to spend quality vacation time together. 

The Polynesian style cottages have no phones or television sets.  This way, guests can spend their days trying out new activities, exploring the rich Hawaiian marine life in the bay, or just spend time relaxing time on the beach.

The resort offers 125 individual bungalows that are spread out across 82 tropical acres.  They are all different in style, size, and view.  The south side of the resort offers palm trees and tropical foliage, while the lagoon side features wildlife, and the north side features a unique lava flow.

When it comes to dinner, you’ll have a choice of two oceanfront restaurants.  The cuisine is light with an emphasis on fresh island vegetables and fish.  On Friday, the resort hosts the infamous and legendary Lu’au, which has been a Hawaiian tradition for many years.

The Kona Village Resort is located on 82 acres of tropical heaven with a large beach – private for guests.  You can explore the resort bay that is teaming with wildlife, including the Hawaiian green sea turtles and blue tang.

If you visit the resort between December and April, you may even catch the North Pacific humpback whales as they migrate from Alaska to Hawaii – right off the beach.  Almost every night at the resort, you can see the manta rays swim into the light in front of the Hale Moana restaurant.

There are several different activities to choose from here as well, including snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing.  The Kona Village resort will even organize daily volleyball games and glass bottom boat tours.  If you choose, you can even play tennis, go fishing, or even scuba diving – in the crystal clear Hawaii water.

The Kona Village Resort in Hawaii is another fine example of everything Hawaii has to offer you on your beach vacation.  Hawaii is a beach vacation paradise, with something for the entire family. If you’ve been looking for the ideal vacation spot, Kona Village is where you’ll want to spend almost all of your time.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags, Protecting The Air You Breathe

Everything that a vacuum picks up, no matter what type it may be, needs to be deposited somewhere – normally in a vacuum cleaner bag. 

Back in 1920, the Air Way Sanitizer Company of Ohio introduced the first vacuum cleaner with a disposable vacuum bag.  Until that time, the bags for vacuum cleaners resembled the type of bags that golfers used to carry their clubs.  They were somewhat heavy and awkard devices made out of thick, stiff canvas, designed to be very flexible and still keep dust and debris from the carpets from escaping out into the air.

The improvements made by the Air Way Sanitizer disposable vacuum bag went a long way toward improving the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner. Made out of paper, the bag was designed to fit inside of the cloth bag.  Not only did it make cleaning the vacuum easier, but it also kept the insides of the stationary bag clean at all times so that less of the dust and debris could be blown out of the vacuum and make its way through the home again.

In the beginning, each manufacturer designed their own disposable vacuum cleaner bag made out of different types of paper.  You couldn’t interchange the bags from one machine to the next, as the fittings were different sizes with different configurations for the opening of the intake.  Manufacturers who were once very dependant on the sales of their machines had now discovered an entirely new territory for the disposable bags, and once again sales went through the roof.

Before, a housewife had her vacuum cleaner and the only thing it needed was to be cleaned and serviced every now and then.  If the man of the house was around, the job normally went to him. After a while, repair shops that specialized in vacuum cleaners began to pop up all over the place.

These days, there are very few vacuum cleaners that use bags.  Bagless is the way to go these days, and for good reason.  What was once a revolution in household cleaning, is now rapidly fading away and fast.

Models such as the Cyclone or Dirt Devil, are now using cylinder technology to store the dirt and dust.  When you have finished vacuuming, you simply empty the cylinder into the trash.  Vacuum bags can be very frustrating, which is why millions of people are using bagless vacuums.

If you own a vacuum cleaner that uses bags, you should look into upgrading it.  Bagless vacuums will save you time, money, and replacement.  If you’ve grown tired of the bags, now is the time to get a better vacuum.

Not only do the bagless models have more power, but they will also save you quite a few trips to the store and the closet.  They don’t cost a lot of money either, and they are the perfect addition to any household.

Financing Your Commercial Real Estate Investment

There are many different ways for financing your commercial real estate investment.   You can either go to a bank or join an investment group that will finance the rest of the project.  There are good reasons for choosing either of these options. 

If you are planning on investing in your own commercial real estate venture, financing your commercial real estate investment will probably take place at your local bank.  You will have to come up with a good part of the money for the project, a detailed business report, a statement of assets and liabilities and other documentation that states how you are going to pay for the property and how it is going to be used.  They will also want to see a business plan as well as information from the municipality where the property is located prior to loaning you money. 

Getting a bank loan can be time-consuming, but if you are planning on making a career out of investing in commercial real estate, this is an excellent opportunity to build up a relationship with your banker.  Once you have established a good credit history with your banker, chances are that they will be willing to lend you more money in the future at a better rate. 

 You will also most likely have to provide any financial information pertaining to yourself as well as income tax statements.  If your business is incorporated, you will have to show proof that it is in good standing with the state in which it is incorporated when financing your commercial real estate investment through a bank. 

If you do not wish to pay interest rates or fees charged by a bank, you can enter into a real estate partnership with an investment company or investment group when financing your commercial real estate investment.  You will only have to put up a portion of the money, but will have to split the profits with the other partners in the group.  This can be quite beneficial for someone who knows little about the commercial real estate market but wants to make their money earn a higher yield that it would do in a money market account, mutual fund or a bank. 

Commercial real estate investment is blooming across the United States.  Unlike the residential market, the commercial market is still proving to be a viable option for those who want to invest in the real estate market today.  However, investing in commercial real estate is completely different from investing in residential real estate and financing your commercial real estate investment is also quite different.  You will deal with a bank that is rather stringent in their requirements, or an investment group where you will share in the costs as well as the profit. 

 As the interest rates are low, financing your commercial real estate investment through a bank has never been better than it is right now.  Be forewarned, however, that if you choose this route, you have to know something about what type of investment you are financing, how it will be used, have good credit and have a solid and proven business plan.

Wooden Shutters And Hurricane Protection

If you live in an area that is prone to storms or hurricanes, there are several types of security storm shutters available that will help you protect yourself and your home.  Storm shutters aren’t in the wooden shutters category, although they are durable shutters that move horizontally between the lower and the upper track.

Interlocking blades found on the storm shutters are made from aluminum and make up a wall of protection in the shutter.  If you have a large area to cover, it can half a center opening with half of the shutter moving to the right and the other half to the left.

Even though this shutter doesn’t fall into one of the most decorative styles of shutters, it does provide great protection against theft, flying debris, forced entry, and even the dreaded hurricane.  Storm shutters will also give you more privacy and help to reduce noise.

A great example of a protective covering that will do a great job in protecting from the sun’s glare and heat is the aluminum awning.  They are affordable in price and very functional, they fit doors, patios, porches, and windows as well.  There are two types available – the standard awning and the winged awning, and both will easily close down to convert to storm shutters.

For those who live in bad storm areas, storm shutters are among the best ways to help protect your family and your house.  They don’t cost a lot of money, they are easy to install, and they won’t make your home stand out in a crowd.  If you want the best in protection from Mother Nature and the peace of mine in knowing it – storm shutters are just what you need.

Exercise And Sleeping Better, When Your Nights Are Long!

The amount of physical exercise that you exert during the day is one of the key ingredients to helping you get a good sleep at night.  The more active your body is during the day, the more likely you are to relax at night and fall asleep faster.

With regular exercise you’ll notice that your quality of sleep is improved and the transition between the cycles and phases of sleep will become smoother and more regular.  By keeping up your physical activity during the day, you may find it easier to deal with the stress and worries of your life.

Research and studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between how much we exercise and how we feel afterwards.

You should try to increase your physical activity during the day.  The goal here is to give your body enough stimulation during the day so that you aren’t full of energy at night. 

Your body requires a certain amount of physical activity in order to keep functioning in a healthy manner.  It is also important to note that you should not be exercising three or four hours before you go to bed.

The ideal exercise time is in the late afternoon or early evening.  You want to make sure you expand your physical energy long before it is time for your body to rest and ready itself for sleep.

You should attempt to exercise at least three or four times a week for a period of 30 minutes or so. You can include walking or something simple.  If you prefer, you can include strenuous activities such as running as well.

The goal here is to increase your heart rate and strengthen the capacity of your lungs.  By adding a regular exercise activity to your daily schedule will help you to improve your overall health and help you emotionally as well. 

Along with running and walking there are several other physical activities that you can add to your daily life to increase your level of physical activity.  If you are battling not sleeping, you’ll find aerobic exercise to be the best.

Your goal with exercise is to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your blood stream.  Overall, there are many types of aerobic exercise for you to choose from.  The activities include running, biking, using a treadmill, dancing, and jumping rope.

There are some non aerobic exercises that you may find beneficial to help you solve your amnesia problem. 

Yoga is an exercise that has a stimulatory effect on your nervous system, especially the brain.  Yoga utilizes breathing techniques and yoga postures to increase the blood circulation to the brain, promoting regular and restful sleeping patterns.  The regular practice of yoga will help you to relax as well as relieve tension and stress.

Tai Chi Tai Chi is an ancient art of breathing and movement that was developed by the Chinese monks.  The movements involved are slow and precise, which is ideal if you have joint pains or you are unable to participate in high aerobic exercises.  Research has shown that Tai Chi can help with insomnia by promoting relaxation.

If you discover that you don’t have any time to exercise on a regular basis, you should try to sneak moments of activity into your schedule.  Whenever possible, you should take the stairs instead of the elevator, as little things like that will do wonders for your body.

You should also park your car around the corner and walk that extra block or two to get to your destination.  As you may know, there are many small things you can add to increase the activity in your life.  Your overall goal here is to have a healthy and well balanced life – with plenty of sleep.

Vacation Time In The Myrtle Beach Area, Enjoy The Beaches

North Myrtle Beach is an excellent beach vacation that offers endless stretches of powdery white sand and the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean.  These are all but the beginning of what a truly great vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is all about.

No matter if you are looking for a relaxing break from your daily routine or a vacation filled with activity, you’ll find it all and then some in Myrtle Beach.  There is something for your entire family here, including miniature golf, water parkers, fine dining, shopping, and a lot more.  Golf lovers will find paradise in choosing from over 80 pro courses in the Myrtle Beach/North Myrtle Beach areas.

When the sun goes down in Myrtle Beach, the fun doesn’t stop.  Several fine dining restaurants will tempt you with their delicious food.  After you have dinner you can visit one of the many night clubs in Myrtle Beach that offers a dazzling array of entertainment that includes comedy, country music, rock ‘n’ roll, and of course the shag music that the beach is so very well-known for.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of life you’ll find endless stretches of sandy beaches with the sounds and smells of the ocean.  The salt water marshes here are full of shrimp, crab, oysters and even fish.  No matter what you do, you can’t help but relax as the ocean breeze caress the amazing landscape of North Myrtle Beach.

Located just eight miles north of the Myrtle Beach area, North Myrtle Beach offers beaches that are less crowded, the pace is much slower, and fewer high-rise hotels help to maintain a family oriented atmosphere.  Here, you can take early morning strolls along the ocean and discover the endless treasures that nature has left for you and your family to enjoy.