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SW Florida Real Estate Technology Addiction Vies with Cat Videos. You wouldn’t think that real estate technology could be as addictive as one of those games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds—but don’t tell that to Money magazine. They researched the subject in-depth, and they found that two-thirds of recent home buyers said they were addicted to online SW Florida Real Estate Technology Addiction Vies with Cat Videoslistings!

Come to think of it, who hasn’t found themselves walking away from the computer, wondering what happened to the last two hours? You shouldn’t blame all that on the real estate-connected sites, because the internet has a way of pulling you away from any task by throwing distractions at you, like the latest cat hijinks video.

Don’t get me wrong: exploring today’s SW Florida real estate scene through the web can be awfully efficient. It’s just hard to deny that it’s also easy to get hooked if you succumb to the siren’s call of instantly available, constantly updated information.

Curiosity has to be the culprit. When you leave an open paper bag on the floor, any cat (not a YouTube cat; I mean a real one) will jump inside to see what’s there. The same thing happens to someone who is in the hunt for a home in SW Florida. Once they’ve seen the way the SW Florida real estate listings get updated, they have a hard time staying away, SW Florida Real Estate Technology Addiction Vies with Cat Videosbecause something might have just changed. Better check! This could drive you crazy (although there are no documented cases of  SW Florida home shoppers who have been institutionalized for that reason).

If you are on the lookout for the SW Florida home of your dreams, unlike what the cat experiences, every once in a while you’re rewarded. Finding a new listing that meets your search parameters does feel a little like finding the toy in a Cracker Jack box…actually, a lot better than that, because Cracker Jack toys are consistently disappointing, while new listings are at least interesting.

SW Florida Real Estate Technology Addiction Vies with Cat VideosThe easiest way to handle the addictive call of the SW Florida real estate online listings is to have me let you know as soon as a qualified property enters the scene. That’s as easy as using my site’s Contact link. That way I can keep an eye on everything for you (and often come up with some extra insights, as well).

The whole advance of real estate technology has created a much more informed buying public—and a significantly more sophisticated marketplace. In one poll, nearly half of those queried said that using technology helped them save money. As many as 92% said it saved time. In the same survey, 90% reported “an overall positive experience” (but failed to reveal if that included any cat videos).  

SW Florida Real Estate Technology Addiction Vies with Cat Videos. The next time you are ready to zero in on the SW Florida home of your dreams—or find yourself checking out the latest listings with an eye toward selling—do give me a call Today!

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